FHC MI-1000 LED - Surgical Lights - Future Health Concepts

Medical Illumination MI-1000 LED Surgical Light

 Having no replacement bulbs or fuses necessary, the MI-1000 surgical/procedure light is perfect for users who like long lasting durability and low overall maintenance costs. The FHC MI-1000 LED surgical light combines energy-conscious functionality at an economical price. With very low heat from both light beam and light head and whiter, more natural light, the MI-1000 surgical LED light has the highest efficiency with the lowest power consumption. With a improved level of tissue rendition and excellent shadow control, the MI-1000 surgical light has the leading edge in surgery light technology. 
Illuminance: 6,000 Footcandles (65,000 lux) at 1 meter
Color Temperature: +/- 4,300ºK
Humidity: 10 - 90 %

Focal Length: 39'
Focusing: adjustable by rotating center handle
CRI (Color Rendering Index): 85
8 inner optics: Clear acrylic, multi-source
Irradiance: 48.55 W/m^2

Operating Temperature:
41 - 104º F
Primary Bulb Life: 50,000 hours
Primary Watts: 60 watts max
Configurations: single ceiling, dual ceiling, wall, & portable floor
Warranty: one year parts and labor warranty