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Scrub Sinks

In 1847, Hungarian doctor Ignac Semmelweis implemented mandatory handwashing into his practice. Since then, it's become a vital part of maintaining a sterile environment, and scrub sinks have become commonplace in most medical facilities. However, not just any scrub sink will do, and models must be up to standard to provide proper sanitation. At Future Health Concepts, our medical scrub sinks are stainless steel and hands-free, with gooseneck faucets and infrared sensors for easy use.
Manufactured of the highest quality possible, Future Health Concepts delivers a full line of hands-free, fully functional Surgical Scrub Sinks. Combining the best materials, components, & craftsmanship available, each sink is hand built to the customer’s specific needs.We work with you to determine exactly what specifications and then build it at a budget-friendly price. Whether you need a single, double or even triple scrub sink, FHC can provide it all.