Double Processing Sink - Sterile Processing - Future Health Concepts

Double Processing Sink

Product Number: FHCPS269637DB

Standard Features:

  • Fully-welded construction
  • Sound-proofed reinforced tops
  • Multiple layouts for individual requirements
  • All sinks are manufactured to individual specifications
  • Etched gallon markings
  • Full CAD rendering of specified sink


  • Hydraulic adjustable heights for ergonomics
  • Full base unit underneath with any door, drawer or open shelf combination
  • Pipe stand instead of base unit
  • Multiple bowls in any combination
  • Multiple faucet options including pre-rinse
  • Air hose with 5 blowgun tips
  • Dl water
  • Foot operated drains

FHC Dual Processing Sink Drawing(FHCPS267237DB-8-1-3-0-14D)

FHC Dual Processing Sink Drawing(Adj. Height)( FHCPS267735DB-9-1-3-2)

FHC Dual Processing Sink Drawing(FHCPS267737DB-1-1-3-2)

FHC Dual Processing Sink Drawing(Adj. Height)(FHCPS269635DB-9-1-3-2)

FHC Dual Processing Sink Drawing(FHCPS269637DB-1-1-3-2)