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Medical Instrument Washers

Once medical instruments return from the OR, it's up to an elite team of workers within the sterilization department to sanitize and process the equipment so that it's ready to reuse for future procedures. Any instruments a surgeon has soiled will undergo a rigorous handwashing process until they're ready for ultrasonic cleaning. However, no sterilization process is complete without the last step of mechanical cleaning, done by specialized medical instrument washers. Any remaining biofilm is wiped clean using spray arms, detergents, high temperatures, and high-powered water, getting the instruments ready to be reassembled, inspected, and sterilized with steam.
While surgical instrument washers are just one of many steps, they're a critical component of Sterile Processing Departments (SPD). At Future Health Concepts, we provide new and refurbished medical instrument washers to keep your SPD running smoothly on your budget.
Designed to effortlessly remove debris from instruments, our Scientek Washers / Disinfection Systems completely disinfect 99.9% of all materials removed after each and every cycle. By combining a special cleaning solution into the Washers, these units ensure proper disinfection is acquired before placing into a sterilizer.