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The Importance of Blanket and Fluid Warming Cabinets in the OR

Having a blanket warmer and fluid warming cabinet in a surgery center or hospital is crucial to providing not only patient comfort, but also patient safety. When patients are having a procedure done in an icy-cold operating room, they tend to be cold and generally feel nervous about what’s to come. Not only does a warm blanket make the patient feel more at ease, it also protects them from the brisk air accompanied with any surgery. Warming blankets is only one of the many uses for a warm...

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Staff 3/25/2018

Medical Equipment Advances: Blood Pressure Monitors

Every year, millions of Americans visit their doctor to monitor and control their blood pressure, yet only half have their condition under control. Having high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes, chronic heart failure, and kidney disease, which is why accurately measuring and tracking a patient’s blood pressure is so crucial during any office visit. It’s also a vital part of treating a patient during an emergency situation. The Beginning of Measuring Blood Pr...

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Staff 10/30/2017

The Vital Pieces of Medical Equipment for Patient Vitals

In order to assess the overall health and wellness of a patient, it’s essential to check their vital signs. Whether they are collected during a routine exam or at the scene of an accident, vital signs can reveal how a person’s body is reacting at any given moment. Paramedics, first responders, nurses, doctors, and other health practitioners all use vital signs as a benchmark for a patient’s status. Vital signs that might be monitored include: Pulse Blood Pressure Respirations T...

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Staff 10/9/2017

Choosing the Right Size Blanket and Fluid Warming Cabinet

When choosing the right warming cabinet for your facility, you’ll need to take a few factors into consideration; such as your volume of patients, the available space in your facility, and how quickly you’ll need your blanket or fluids warmed. You can read more about those factors in our article: How to Choose the Right Blanket Warmer for Your Facility Once you know those factors you can begin to decide which size blanket warmer or fluid warmer you’ll need. Here is our handy cha...

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Staff 9/21/2017

The Basics of Anesthesia Machines for Hospitals and Other Medical Facilities

Anesthesia machines are one of the essential components to many medical facilities from hospitals to endodontic offices. They contain many vital features that allow the machine to operate properly and safely. A skilled anesthesiologist will know these common parts, even if the model of the machine varies. Anesthesia Machine Design An anesthesia machine can be characterized as having three distinct functional components. There is a high-pressure system that receives gases from their source at hig...

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Staff 7/24/2017