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Understanding How Patient Monitors Work: Key Things To Know

Most people associate the sound of beeping machines with hospitals. The cause of that beeping is often some type of patient monitoring system. Different systems work in various hospital wings and other facilities to provide patients with effective care. If you’re looking for a new monitoring system, Future Health Concepts can help. Keep reading to understand how patient monitors work and key things to know as you look for a new system. Overview of Patient Monitors and Their Uses in Medical...

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Staff 11/27/2023

The Basics: How Do Anesthesia Machines Work?

Anesthesia machines may seem like a medical mystery to anyone who isn’t an anesthesiologist. They are complex pieces of equipment that are essential for providing safe and effective anesthesia during surgery. But what are the basics of anesthesiology, and how do anesthesia machines work? We explore these key questions and break down the machine’s process below. Gas Supply and Pressure Regulators Medical gases, such as oxygen, air, and nitrous oxide, power anesthesia machines. These g...

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Staff 11/21/2023

Top 12 Medical Devices You Need for Your Facility

The term medical device is very broad, encompassing all devices medical personnel use to treat, diagnose, and prevent a medical disease or condition without chemical actions on the body. We can break down these devices into three classes. Class I include low-risk devices, such as bandages and IV poles. Class II includes intermediate-risk devices, like CT scanners and patient monitors, and Class III is any high-risk device, like pacemakers and spinal stents. All medical facilities need a combinat...

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Staff 11/9/2023

4 Common Issues With Patient Transport Stretchers

Patient transport stretchers are important in any hospital or healthcare facility. They help medical staff transfer patients from one place to another safely and efficiently. However, they face issues that can hinder their effectiveness. We’ll discuss four common issues with patient transport stretchers and provide solutions for your facility. Uncomfortable Mattresses Since these stretches are designed for transport, comfort is not the top priority for manufacturers. They assume that since...

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Staff 11/7/2023

Why It’s Important To Keep Patients Warm During Surgery

Surgery is stressful for patients, both physically and mentally. To ensure smooth procedures and comfort, medical personnel should prioritize keeping patients warm. Read on to explore why it’s important to keep patients warm during surgery. Hypothermia Prevention One of the most significant risks to patients during surgery is hypothermia, which occurs when the human body loses more heat than it produces. Patients under anesthesia often become cold because anesthesia causes the blood vessel...

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Staff 10/30/2023