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Medical Warming Cabinet Preventative Maintenance

As medical professionals, we all know the importance of keeping equipment in good condition. It ensures the safety and welfare of patients, reduces stress on healthcare providers, and reduces wasted resources. Medical warming cabinets require regular attention. These cabinets safely warm fluids, solutions, and blankets. However, they require preventative maintenance to operate properly. Regular Cleaning Keeping the cabinet clean can extend its lifespan. Clean glassware within the cabinets preven...

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Staff 1/17/2024

A Complete Guide to Operating Room Equipment

Healthcare facilities perform many important functions that impact the health and well-being of the communities they serve. One crucial function provided by many large healthcare facilities, especially hospitals, is surgery. Surgeries typically take place in operating rooms full of equipment that medical professionals from all disciplines should understand. Fortunately, we’ve created a complete guide to operating room equipment to provide a basic understanding of common instruments, equipm...

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Staff 1/4/2024

Sterility Assurance Monitoring: What Is It?

Health-care facilities such as hospitals perform many important procedures. However, the procedure that allows all other procedures to safely occur is cleaning and sterilizing. If a health-care facility isn’t a clean environment with sterile tools, then staff, patients, and visitors run the risk of experiencing procedural complications, illness, and more. Sterility assurance monitoring prevents this from happening. Keep reading to learn what it is. The Steps of Sterility Assurance Monitori...

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Staff 1/2/2024

The Importance of Clear Lighting in the OR

Everyone needs good lighting to work efficiently. Nowhere is that more true than in an operating room. In operating rooms and other medical practices, good, clear lighting can mean the difference between a smooth procedure and a complicated one. We dive further into the importance of clear lighting in the OR below. Proper Surgical Lighting Is Vital for Patient Safety Strong, clear surgical lighting contributes to patient safety because it enables surgeons to accurately identify structures and pe...

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Signs It's Time To Replace Your Surgical Table

As a medical professional, you understand the importance of providing your patients with the best equipment. Your surgical table is no exception. You rely on this piece of equipment for every procedure, which is why it must remain in top condition. Unfortunately, this equipment can’t last forever. Keep reading to learn about some signs that it's time to replace your surgical table and what you should look for when purchasing a new one. Visible Damage or Wear and Tear The most obvious sign ...

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Staff 12/12/2023