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KN95 / FFP2 Face Mask

Product Number: KN9-FFP2

KN95 / FFP2 Face Mask(FDA, EUA, CDC Certified)

Melt-blown nonwovens, moderate thickness for particle absorption, double layered electrostatic filter, and highly efficient particle filtration.

Breath with Ease: The advanced nonwovens provide for easier breathing during extended use.

Ergonomic Design: Comfortable to wear, low impedance filter material.

Securely Sealed: Adjustable metal strip ensures optimal sealing between the bridge of the nose and the mask.

5-Layer Purification

  • 1st Layer: Non-woven fabric
  • 2nd & 3rd Layer: Melt down non-woven fabric BFE>95%
  • 4th Layer: Hot air cotton
  • 5th Layer: Skin-friendly inner layer

Type: 5 ply, Anti-dust, Anti-haze, Anti-pm 2.5, Anti-Virus


Pack of 5 Masks: $10.75

Pack of 10 Masks: $19.95

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