Tabletop Autoclave, new and refurbished Tabletop Autoclave

Tabletop Autoclave

Sterilization processing departments (SPD) are the linchpin of every operating room, and without them, surgeries would quickly grind to a halt. SPD workers do a lot to keep medical instruments clean and ensure there's a steady output of tools ready for the next surgery. Anyone working in the SPD knows that the sterilization process is undoubtedly lengthy, and the amount of hands and machinery instruments go through could make heads spin.
With how fully stocked this department is, sometimes there's just not enough room for an industrial-sized autoclave. That's where FHC's collection of tabletop autoclaves comes in. We sell an array of steam sterilizers small enough to fit on a counter but strong enough to kill even the most stubborn of biofilms. With our tabletop sterilizers, you never have to work around clunky machinery again.