Overbed Tables, new and refurbished Overbed Tables

Overbed Tables

Anyone who's been in a hospital bed for more than a few seconds knows that there's just enough room to fit you and maybe a small purse if you're lucky. In the short-term, this may not be so bad—maybe a little frustrating to work around, but tolerable nonetheless. However, for those who are strapped to monitors and IVs or are bedbound for extended periods of time, extra space is a must-have, and it needs to be within reach.
Overbed tables make it easier for patients to eat, do their work, and go about their day without getting up. While it may seem small, it's an incredibly important part of maintaining patients' mental health and preserving their autonomy. FHC's hospital overbed tables are adjustable and easy to maneuver, so you can give your patients the convenience and comfort they need.