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StarTrol 1X3 Examination Light

Product Number: HU1X3

Having a 31,000 lux light intensity at working distance, the Startrol 1X3 Examination Light provides users with the light they need during nearly any procedure. The energy efficient and virtually radiant heat-free LED's of the Startrol 1X3 gives medical personnel peace of mind without worry of bulb replacement or warm working conditions. This exam light even has a natural color temperature with a high CRI of 94 to ensure optimal tissue rendition. With all these features and a budget-friendly price, the Startrol 1X3 Exam Light is hard to beat.
Color Temperature: 4700°K

Arm Reach: 26in. (mobile), 48in. (wall), 42in. (super flex)

Typical Working Distance: 18in.

Light Intensity (at typical working distance): 31,000 lux, (6 inch spot size)

CRI (Color Rendering Index): 94

Number of Bulbs: 3 (3 LEDs per pod)

Light Source: LED

Rated life of LED Lamp: 40,000+ hours

Mounting Options: wall, mobile, super flex bracket mounting

Warranty: 10 year limited warranty
Manufactured Country: U.S.A
*Also available with a 5-section super-flexible arm (HU1X3-SFT or HU1X3-SFM)