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StarTrol Galaxy 8×4 Single Ceiling Mounted Light

Product Number: HU8X4-GS1

The StarTrol Galaxy Generation 3, the newest member of our lighting family. The LED’s are brighter than our current lights and features five level dimming. The new sleek design, features a fully enclosed light head for improved clean ability. StarTrol is proudly made in the United States. StarTrol HU8X4-GS1 is an 12.5” diameter aluminum light head featuring 32 LEDs (100,000 lux at a meter). This light has an arm reach of 60” with unlimited rotation at the 2 main pivot points. The light head has a 700° rotation at the arm and head pivot point and 330° at the light head joint.
  • Energy-efficient and Eco-friendly
  • Bright, natural white light
  • Cool to work under
  • 50,000 hours of LED life
  • Infinite variable positioning
  • Simple construction enables easy cleaning and service
  • Unlimited Rotation at the 2 main pivot points
  • Robust spring – that never needs adjustment
  • Touch Sense on / off with 5 step dimming, along with level indicator lights
  • Multiple configurations (Wall, Single, and Dual Ceilings)
  • Removable anodized aluminum handle
  • Enclosed light head for improved clean ability