FHC Mira Series - Surgical Lights - Future Health Concepts

FHC Mira Surgical Light

Product Number: AML-MLED-65

As the latest advancement in minor surgery and diagnostic lighting technology, the Mira Series LED Surgical Light's precisely positioned LED's ensure superior shadow control, depth of field, and light intensity. A slim design and control pad on the lighthead provide reduced workspace clutter and easy access to light functions. With a CRI of 95 and color temperature of 4500K, the Mira LED Medical Light creates outstanding color accuracy for minor surgeries and examinations.
Illuminance: Available in 50,000 (4,762 fc), 65,000 (6,190 fc), and 90,000 lux (8,571 fc)

Color Temperature: 4500ºK

Diameter of Lighthead: 18"

Light Field Diameter: 6.5 - 12"

Depth of Illumination: 94.5"

Focusing: Twist handle

CRI (Color Rendering Index): 95

Rotation: 360º (limitless) on single ceiling models

Sterilizable Handle: Removable

Number of Bulbs: 36

Light Source: LED

Rated Life of LED Lamp: 50,000 hours

Swivel Radius of Lamp Housing-Ceiling Mounted: 60" (152cm) max

Height Movement of Lamp Housing-Ceiling Mounted: 41" (104 cm) vertical movement

Minimum Ceiling Height/Maximum Ceiling Height: 8 ft./12 ft. (2436 mm/3653 mm)

Power Consumption at Light Head (w @ 24 VDC): 35 (Mira 50), 45 (Mira 65), 55 (Mira 90)

Electrical System Standards: UL 60601/ IEC60601-2-41

Mounting Options: ceiling, wall, roll stand

Lighthead Weight: 11 lbs.

Lighthead Diameter: 18"

Brightness Control: 50 - 100%

Product Warranty: 5 year warranty