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Single Processing Sink

Product Number: FHCPS267235

Standard Features:

  • Fully-welded construction
  • Sound-proofed reinforced tops
  • Multiple layouts for individual requirements
  • All sinks are manufactured to individual specifications
  • Etched gallon markings
  • Full CAD rendering of specified sink


  • Hydraulic adjustable heights for ergonomics
  • Full base unit underneath with any door, drawer or open shelf combination
  • Pipe stand instead of base unit
  • Multiple bowls in any combination
  • Multiple faucet options including pre-rinse
  • Air hose with 5 blowgun tips
  • Dl water
  • Foot operated drains

FHC Single Processing Sink Drawing(FHCPS267237-1-1-3-2)

FHC Single Processing Sink Drawing(Adjustable Height)(FHCPS267235-9-1-3-2)

Our fully-welded construction processing sinks are constructed with sound-proofed reinforced tops and the finest stainless steel. With the ability to individualize specifications of the sink from start to finish, our processing sinks are designed specifically for your facility needs at an economical price. The full CAD rendering and multiple layouts for individual requirements make FHC Processing Sinks the most flexible and top of the line processing sink available on the market today.

Actual Processing Sink Configuration Example: