SciCan Hydrim C61w G4 Washer Disinfection System - Washers Disinfection Systems - Future Health Concepts

SciCan Hydrim C61w G4 Washer / Disinfection System

The SciCan Hydrim C61w works hard to thoroughly clean and disinfect all types of instruments and equipment so you don't have to. This compact machine is able to fit snug under or on top of a counter with little intrusion. With a 65k vivid color touch screen, the Hydrim C61w offers easy visibility and extreme clarity while operating. The integrated data logger allows all cycle information to be stored for the lifetime of the unit and can be retrieved via USB with the installed USB port.

Features and Options Overview:
  • Active hot air drying
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Countertop/under counter storage
  • Integrated data storage w/ USB port
  • 64k vivid color touch screen
  • Large chamber volume
  • Ethernet connection
  • PIN protected w/ user ID
  • Reliable
  • Compact

**Replaces SciCan Hydrim C51w**