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Tuttnauer EZ10k Kwikclave Automatic Autoclave / Sterilizer

Built with a one touch button design, the Tuttnauer EZ10k fully automatic autoclave will fill, sterilize, exhaust, and dry to complete satisfaction. The EZ10k Kwikclave offers the perfect design of the EZ10 with an added bonus of reduced total heating time. An integrated Hepa filter allows clean air to be circulated during the drying process. With completely customizable program parameters, the EZ10k allows each user to personalize it any way they want.
Features and Options Overview:
  • Closed door active drying system for efficient drying and maintaining sterility
  • Chamber size: 10" x 19" (four trays)Replaceable 0.2 µm air Hepa filter 
  • High efficiency air pump for lightning fast drying
  • Completely customizable program parameters
  • Automatic shut off at both the sterilization and dry cycles.
  • Power outage recovery system
  • Constant temperature and pressure monitoring for sterilization
  • Audible and visual cycle interruption alert
  • Dual safety locking device for preventing doors from opening during pressurization
  • Low water sensor to prevent activation of sterilization w/ insufficient water
  • 510k clearance
  • Front drain valve location for quick and easy draining
  • Optional internal printer documents: date, time, temperature and pressure.
  • Buck/boost transformer (0.5KVA) may be required
  • Requires a voltage between 220V and 235V for proper operation





Chamber Volume

6 Gal, 23 Liter

Standard Cassettes Capacity

3 Full and 3 Half

No. of Trays


Tray Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm)

6.7" x 0.8 x 16.3"

   (170 x 20 x 415)

Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz)

230V, 50/60Hz

Power (W) Current (A)

10A, 2200W

Overall Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm)

20" 14.4" x 21.5"

   (510 x 365 x 545)

Autoclave Weight (Kg.)

95 lbs, (43)