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StarTrol 3X3 Examination Light

Product Number: HU3X3

As one of the few examination lights made in America, the StarTrol 3X3 Exam Light provides customers with 94 CRI and natural color temperature for ideal tissue rendition. Containing many cool and comfortable LED lights ensures user over 40,000 hours of replacement-free LED life. With options of wall mount or mobile units, the StarTrol 3X3 Exam Light is versatile enough to fit in any medical setting. Along with quality build and affordable price, these exam lights even carry a 10 year limited warranty to provide maximum asset life.
Color Temperature: 4700°K

Arm Reach: 26in. (mobile), 48in. (wall)

Typical Working Distance: 18in.

Light Intensity (at typical working distance): 79,000 lux (10in. spot size)

CRI (Color Rendering Index): 94

Number of Bulbs: 9 (3 LEDs per pod)

Light Source: LED

Rated life of LED Lamp: 40,000+ hours

Mounting Options: wall, mobile

Warranty: 10 year limited warranty
Manufactured Country: U.S.A