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Medical Illumination MI-500 LED Surgical Light

The FHC MI-500 LED examination light combines energy-conscious functionality at an economical price. With very low heat from both light beam and light head and whiter, more natural light, the MI-500 surgical LED light has the highest efficiency with the lowest power consumption. The compact 6" diameter head design makes it easy for personnel to move the light to the perfect position when operating or examining. Having no replacement bulbs or fuses necessary, the MI-500 exam light is perfect for users who like long lasting durability and low overall maintenance costs.
Illuminance: 4,650 Footcandles (50,000 lux) at 1 meter
Color Temperature: 4,300ºK +/- 300ºK
Humidity: 10 - 90 %

Focal Length: 24'
Focusing: adjustable by rotating center handle
CRI (Color Rendering Index): 88
8 inner optics: Clear acrylic, single source
Irradiance: 129 W/m^2

Operating Temperature:
41 - 104º F
Primary Bulb Life: 50,000 hours
Primary Watts: 50 watts max
Configurations: single ceiling, dual ceiling, wall, & portable floor
Warranty: one year parts and labor warranty