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Stainless Steel Supply Cabinets

Supply Storage Cabinets

Standard Features:

• Fully-welded construction
• Multiple layouts for individual requirements
• Full CAD renderings
• Engineered room layouts in CAD


Glass or stainless steel hinged doors
Glass or stainless steel sliding doors
• Freestanding, recess or on casters
• T-Handle locks
• Pegboard back
• Drawers
• Variable height bases
• Slope tops
• Electronic keypad door locks
• Pull out catheter hooks with card holder
• Pass through construction

Standard Sizes:

• Depths: 18" and 24"
• Widths: 24", 30", 36", 48" and 60"
• Flat top heights: 60", 64", 72", 78" and 84"
• Slope top heights: 70", 78", 84" and 90"
Any size can be manufactured per required specifications.
Like our processing sinks, the stainless steel supply cabinets also have full CAD renderings and multiple layouts for individual requirements for complete facility customization. The supply storage cabinets also offer engineered room layouts in CAD. With fully welded construction and numerous custom options available, our stainless steel supply cabinets are the best choice for top quality at an affordable price.