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FHCSS64-IR Double Scrub Sink

Product Number: FHCSS64-IR

With dual 12" to 14" range infrared sensors and a 2 second on/off delay for water flow, the FHCSS64-IR provides the perfect surgical scrub sink features to keep you hands-free and constantly sanitized while scrubbing. The backflow preventers and splash screen guards ensure all water stays inside the scrubbing area. Check stop strainers and a flow control valve makes this stainless steel surgical scrub sink ideal for easy maintenance and long lasting quality. 
Dimensions: 64"W x 27.5"D x 37.125"H
  • Infrared Sensor Operated Water
  • Adjustable Thermostatic Water Mixing Valve
  • Sterilizable Spray Rose Aerator
  • Large Scrub Area
  • Optional Knee Operated Soap
  • Optional Scrub Timer
  • Deep Sloping Basin
  • Splash Screen Divider
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Wall Mounted or Free Standing
Connections Required
         -   0.5" N.P.T. -Cold Water
         -   0.5" N.P.T. -Hot Water
         -   1.5" Waste Drain per Station
Click below to view a cut sheet and options of the FHCSS64-IR scrub sink: