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FHCTWC24-G Blanket / Fluid Warmer (12-15 Blankets Lower Chamber)

Product Number: FHCTWC24-G

One Year Labor and Five Year Parts Warranty
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Overall Size
30" W x 26.5"  D x 78 1/4" H
Suitable as a standalone or mobile triple blanket warmer  

Chamber I.D.
26" W x 23" D x 15.25" H
14 Cubic Ft Storage
Temperature Range 90-160º F
1 Adjustable Shelf

Upper Chamber I.D
26" W x 23" D x 11 1/4" H
3.9 Cubic Ft Storage
Temperature 90-110º F
Accuracy +/- 1º F of set point
Middle Chamber I.D
26" W x 23" D x 10 3/4" H
3.7 Cubic Ft Storage
Temperature 90-135º F
Accuracy +/- 1º F of set point
Lower Chamber I.D
26" W x 23" D x 18 1/2" H
6.4 Cubic Ft Storage
Temperature 90-160º F
Accuracy +/- 1º F of set point
120v, 13.5 Amp., 50/60hz
.65 kw/hr, 2238 btu/hr
UL/CUL Listed
FDA registered
FHCTWC24-G Blanket / Solution Warmer Description:
Consisting of three entirely separately controlled heating chambers and digital displays, this triple blanket and/or fluid warming cabinet is designed for maximum warming ability for both space and temperature differentiation. As the tallest blanket warmer in our line, this machine is best suited for customers who wish to heat multiple products with different heating temperatures at the same time. With temperature set point accuracy of +/- 1 degree in each fully insulated chamber, operators can be certain of uniform heating and rapid warm time (usually 2-6 hours depending on load).