EZ-Lift Power Assist Boot Stirrups w Boot Pads - Surgical Table Accessories - Future Health Concepts

EZ-Lift Power Assist Boot Stirrups w/ Boot Pads

Product Number: FACC0055

  • Stirrup range of motion is -35 degrees low lithotomy to 90 degrees high lithotomy
  • Adduction -9 degrees & abduction 25 degrees: Infinitely locks anywhere in between
  • Boot free floats throughout the range reducing the risk of superficial nerve injury
  • Raise lower abduct adduct quickly & easily w/dual control handle
  • Lithotomy & length indicators help to position the legs
  • Extended lateral boot design reduces risk of peroneal nerve injury
  • Abduction safety zone is estimated to be 12.5 degrees from midline
  • Squeeze of control handle increases/decreases abduction for complete control & precision
  • 600 lb weight capacity
  • Requires 2 mounting clamps sold separately

    Mounting Clamps: FACC011