LandT Planet 55 Color Patient Monitor - Patient Monitors - Future Health Concepts

Skanray / L&T Planet 55 Patient Monitor (RETIRING)

Product Number: LAF389390019797

*Three Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Technical Specifications

Type: High resolution Color TFT Display
Size: 8.4 (diagonally)
Resolution: 800 X 600 pixels
excellent viewing from distance and angle
Parameters: ECG, respiration, SPO2
Dual NIBP, temperature& CO2
Trace Speed: 12.5, 25 & 50 MM/SEC. for ECG & SPO2
6.25, 12.5 & 25 MM/SEC. for respiration & CO2

Optical Encoder / Keys
Optical Encoder:
rapid access to all the functions and settings of parameters through single knob
Hot Keys: quick action hot keys for alarm acknowledge, nibp start/stop, recorder start/stop, freeze, stand by, go-to and return to main screen

ECG Monitoring
Lead: 3/5 lead with optional st & arrhythmia

Protection: built-in cautery & defibrillator protection
HR Range: 20 to 350 BPM ( +2 BPM or 2% whichever is greater)

Respiration (From ECG)
Principle: impedance pneumography
RR Range: 4 to150 BPM

Pulse Oximetry (Nellcor Module)
Tone Variation: tone variation with change in spo2 values: 1-100%
Accuracy: adult 100-70% ( +2 digits)
0-69% (unspecified)
Neonates: 100-70% ( +3 digits)
Perfusion Indicator: bar graph showing signal strength

Modes: normal response & fast response
Alarms: low 0-95%
PR Range: 20 to 230 BPM

dual channel
Range: 0°C to50°C
Unit: °C or°F
probe compatible with ysi 400 series probes (optional)

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (Suntech Module)
Display: systolic, diastolic & mean pressure

Modes: manual, stat (continuous 5 min. operation) and automatic (time interval 2-90 min. selectable)
Alarm Limits: selection possible for systolic & diastolic
Range: 20-250 MMHG
Accuracy: +3 MMHG

Capnography (Oridion Module)
microstream capnography with display of CO2 waveform and digital values ofEtCO2, FiCO2 & RR
CO2 gets priority for calculating respiration rate
EtCO2 Range: 0-99 MMHG
FiCO2 Range: 0-20 MMHG
Gain: 20,40,60,80 MMHG
Flowrate: 50 ML/MIN (-7.5 /-15 ML/MIN)
Warm-Up Time: 40 SEC. (typically), units: MMHG /KPA / VOL%
RR Range: 0-150 BPM

Alarm Setting For All Parameters
Patient Alarm:
red flashing with audio and message indicator

Equipment Alarm: yellow flashing with audio and message indicator
Alarm Suspend: continuous yellow

Auto Setting: HR / PR, SPO2, RR, temperature & CO2
Manual Setting: HR / PR, SPO2 systolic, diastolic, RR. temperature & CO2
Re-Alarm: 3 min. for acknowledge alarm

72 HRS / 100 patients graphical and tabular trend for HR / PR, SPO2, RR temperature, CO2 & ST
NIBP Trend: last 240 readings (tabular)
Alarm Recall: last 12 critical alarms with time & date

Recording (Optional)
built-in channel thermal array recorder for recording ecg, plethysmograph, respiration & co2 waveforms (any two-uses selectable) with numerical data, nibp & tabular trend recording
Modes: direct / delayed / continuous and record on alarm features

Slave Display Dimension: possible with external monitor
(H X W X D): 235 X 260 X 158 MM
Weight: 4.5 KG(with built-in battery & thermal array recorder)

Power Supply
Universal Power: 95-264V AC, 10-165 HZ ( +5%)
Current Rating: 0.7A (MAX)
Battery Type: 14.8V (4AH /8AH) Lithium Ion (Built-in)
Battery Options: rechargeable battery for 2/4 hrs of continuous operation under full charge condition (typically)

Charge Time: 8 HRS (typically)


   With operation on battery lasting up to 4 hours and ST & Arrhythmia Analysis, the L&T Planet 55 Patient Monitor is made for users who need advanced performance and a transportation-ready monitor at an affordable price. The Planet 55 provides the best construction when it comes to performance and interface with the need for a smaller, lightweight monitor. As a 4 channel monitor with 8.4" high resolution TFT display, the Planet 55 can provide 72 hrs/200 patient Tabular & Graphical trend and adult, pediatric & neonatal modes.