Savion MS777 Motorized Stretcher - Hospital Stretchers - Future Health Concepts

Savion MS777 Motorized Stretcher

Product Number: SAMS777


Savion’s Medi-Cruiser™ is a unique, all-purpose, self-propelled motorized transportation and emergency stretcher.
It is the pioneering product, and a core component, of a revolutionary new generation of motorized medical transportation systems that provide a breakthrough in medical facilities emergency and logistics operations.
  • A unique cutting edge stretcher
  • Allows more efficient management of transportation
    and logistical manpower
  • Protects operating staff from damage to health from repeated and strenuous high-load exertion
  • Comfortable and safe for the patient
  • Can be self-driven by means of a unique
    transporter trolley platform or pushed on foot
  • With reverse direction driving mode
  • Two speeds available when in forward drive mode
  • Very high maneuverability
  • Can be powered-off and handled as a manual stretcher/trolley
  • Storage tray with O2 cylinder cradle in the base cover
  • Includes combined patient records storage compartment / monitor tray
  • Built-in telescopic IV pole
  • Electronic programmable control with malfunction indicators
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Warning horn