Savion Isolation stretcher IS736 - Hospital Stretchers - Future Health Concepts

Savion Isolation stretcher IS736

Product Number: SAIS736

Patient Isolation Stretcher Model IS736
  • mobile isolation system designed for transportation of patients with, or suspected of carrying, biological contagious diseases, and airborne infections – including open tuberculosis, SARS, plague, viral fever such as Lassa fever or Swine flu.
  • the unit is designed to transport patients and permit both treatment and diagnosis while providing complete safety for the attending medical staff 
  • the unit can accept patients of any age – or in medical conditions requiring ventilation, oxygen or anesthetized
  • access for up-to 3 care-givers through conduit sleeves
  • conduits and sleeves replaceable after contamination
  • conduits for inserting drips, monitors tubes and cables
  • battery-powered filtration system with up- to 10 hours continuous operation
  • the adult model is designed to fit on any Savion transportation trolley or stretcher
  • full operation of the stretcher/trolley functions are possible while the isolation system is in use
  • the adult model has maximum
  • patient weight up to 200 kgs

Pediatric isolation chamber crib Model PIC 436

For first line baby and child transportation from initial patient reception and through to hospitalization in sterile isolation units, whilst at the same time ensuring the complete safety and security for the attendant medical staff and other patients, against contamination. Access is possible for up-to 3 care-givers through conduit sleeves, which are replaceable after contamination, and through conduits for inserting drips, tubes and cables.