Saveon EZ-Motion - Hospital Stretchers - Future Health Concepts

Saveon EZ-Motion

Product Number: SAEZ-Motion

The EZ-Motion is a patented two-in-one device which enables the caregiver to move the patient in a
sitting or lateral position and is shown to reduce back injuries.
The adjustable positioning of the EZ-Motion offers the
ultimate flexibility and efficiency for patient transport.
Accessories Included:
• Fully motorized electronic system
• Adjustable back
• Lumbar support
• Tuck-away side rails
• Transfer mattress
• Adjustable foot rest
• Hi-Mobility castors
• Height adjustment
• Brake/steer control
• Tuck-away transfer handle
• IV Pole position left or right (optional)
Ease of use
The EZ-Motion is stable and sturdy enough for even the most demanding clinical settings and
procedures, including CPR. It is extremely practical - no special skill or strength is needed for
its use.
The EZ-Motion is designed for use in cramped spaces and narrow passages. It is nimble enough to
make a 360° turn inside an elevator.
It is ideal for transferring patients to and from critical care beds, radiology tables, physical
therapy tables, etc.
The EZ-Motion can be used in every department including: Critical care, Orthopedics, Oncology, Burn
Units, Radiology, Pediatrics, Same day Surgery, Emergency,
Out Patient, Neurology, Extended care and more.
Features - Benefits
• Takes the physical effort out of patient transport and reduces the risk of attendants suffering
lower back strain.
• Power-driven multi-purpose transportation eliminates the start-up push required from the attendant, permitting effortless patient transportation over all types of surfaces and gradients.
• Rechargeable 24V electric motor can propel the EZ-Motion at up to 5mph (8kph), with up to 8
hours of operation between charges.
• Features a unique fold-away control panel and handlebars with a twist hand-grip throttle.
• Safety braking lock.
• 360° turning on retractable 5th wheel.
• Quick release drive pedal permits manual non-motorized operation.
• Patient safety restraint straps.
• Complete emergency and transportation stretcher functions, including electric-twin-pedestal height adjustment, electric fowler, and collapsible safety sides.
• A wide range of optional platform configurations and Savion accessories is available.
• Cuts costs, reduces work-related injuries, and increases productivity.
The twin-pedestal electric mechanism provides effortless and efficient height adjustment, and
allows for Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, and cardiac positions in an emergency with the
utmost safety for the patient. The standard platform has an electrical power-assisted backrest,
accessible from either side.
The trolley, which houses the motor and drive system, is manufactured from high-strength fully
galvanized steel to ensure a long lifespan, and is covered with an elegant ABS housing,
incorporating a charge cable rewind, and storage space for patient’s effects.
The EZ-Motion is fitted with 4 smooth-rolling 6” (150mm) castors, with a central braking system
which can be accessed from any corner of the trolley. The central-locking mechanism also provides
an emergency braking system accessible by the transporter without changing his position. The central drive wheel provides 5th wheel steering, enabling the EZ-Motion to be particularly mobile in restricted spaces.