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FHCDWC36-G Blanket / Fluid Warmer (24-30 Blankets Lower Chamber)

Product Number: FHCDWC36-G

(Shown with optional mobile base) 
Overall Size
30" W x 26.5" D x 74.5" H
17.59 Cubic Ft Storage
Temperature Range 90-160º F
4 Adjustable Shelves
Suitable as a standalone or mobile dual blanket warmer  

Upper Chamber I.D.
26" W x 23" D x 25" H
8.63 Cubic Ft Storage
Accuracy Upper Chamber+/- 2º F

Lower Chamber I.D.
26" W x 23" D x 26" H
8.96 Cubic Ft Storage
Accuracy Lower Chamber+/- 2º F

120v, 15 Amp., 50/60hz
.69kw/hr, 2356 btu/hr
UL/CUL Listed
FHCDWC60-G Blanket / Solution Warmer Description:
With both warming chambers just over 8 cubic feet of storage, this blanket warmer is designed for users who prefer two virtually equal sized chambers with separate digital heating controls. This blanket warmer and/or fluid warmer provides 4 adjustable shelves (2 in each chamber) for essentially any kind of arrangement. Equipped with audible and visual over-temp alarms and keyed temperature lock out, users can be feel secure about operation safety and keeping temperature set points protected.