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The prospect of entering an exam room can be a nerve-wracking one for many people, and anxiety can make the examination process and treatment difficult. That's why a quality medical exam table shouldn't just be portable, adjustable, and easy to clean. While these factors are certainly important, padding, support, and comfort are equally as crucial. At FHC, our selection of medical exam chairs and tables have easy-to-clean upholstery, adjustable seating, and comfortable padding to make you and your patient's time at the office a little easier.
Plus, we have a selection of various makes and models to fit virtually any practice. From dentistry and gynecology to ENT and phlebotomy, we have the medical exam tables you need to make examinations and procedures a breeze.
We offer a variety of UMF, Winco, and Intensa manual and power exam tables, treatment tables, podiatry chairs, and more to accommodate all examination rooms and care provider specifications! All Intensa exam table drawers are able to interchange between right and left.