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Bovie Aaron 2250 Electrosurgical Unit

Product Number: AAA2250

The Aaron 2250 is a perfect electrosurgical generator for all modern surgery centers and operating rooms. With both monopolar and bipolar functions, this ESU satisfies all surgical demands. The safety, reliability, and compact design are exactly what every modern day surgeon should use when performing electrosurgery. No more settling for one or two blend modes. With the Aaron 2250 generator, there are ten different blend settings plus cut. When it comes to power, this robust ESU provides 200 watts max power output for the toughest power procedures. 
Features and Options Overview:
  • 10 blend settings
  • Monopolar & bipolar functions
  • 10 blend modes
  • 1 cut mode
  • 200 watts maxmium power
  • Highest level of quality and safety
  • Cost-efficient
  • Digital error detection
  • BovieFDFS™ (Fast Digital Feedback System)
  • 2 levels of coagulation:
    • Coagulation (120 watts max power)
    • Fulguration (80 watts max power)