Calibrated V-Lok Double Tube Blood Pressure Cuff and Inflation Bag - Diagnostic Equipment - Future Health Concepts

Calibrated V-Lok Cuff & Inflation Bag (Double Tube)

Product Number: 0661-1880NL

  • Accurately indicates whether correct size cuff is used
  • Center of bladder marked on inner and outer surfaces for correct application
  • Hook & loop fasteners for optimal number of open-close cycles
  • Comfortable for patients and conform to shape of limb without stiff edges
  • Durable, tightly woven, heat set Dacron polyester fabric
  • 5 year guarantee latex and non-latex inflation bags, bulbs, and tubing for 5 years
  • Seamless inflation bags available in latex or non-latex
  • Available sizes: 
    Newborn - Gray (0661-18883NL)
    Infant - Tan (0661-18882NL)
    Child - Dark Green (0661-18881NL)
    Adult - Medium Blue (0661-18880NL)
    Large Arm - Scarlet (0661-18889NL)
    Thigh - Dark Brown (0661-18884NL)