Why It s Important To Keep Patients Warm During Surgery

Why It’s Important To Keep Patients Warm During Surgery

Monday, October 30, 2023

Surgery is stressful for patients, both physically and mentally. To ensure smooth procedures and comfort, medical personnel should prioritize keeping patients warm. Read on to explore why it’s important to keep patients warm during surgery.

Hypothermia Prevention

One of the most significant risks to patients during surgery is hypothermia, which occurs when the human body loses more heat than it produces. Patients under anesthesia often become cold because anesthesia causes the blood vessels to dilate. This dilation can cause patients’ bodies to redistribute core body heat, putting them at risk of hypothermia. Keeping a patient warm during surgery can reduce this risk significantly by keeping their temperature as steady as possible during the procedure.

Better Blood Flow

Managing a patient’s body temperature during surgery is also crucial to maintaining good blood flow. The body will naturally divert blood away from the extremities when it feels cold. This slows blood flow, potentially to the affected area, which can have severe consequences during surgery. For instance, body tissues could dry out. When body tissues dry out, the body can malfunction. Therefore, keeping patients warm is essential to ensure normal blood flow to all areas of the body.

Faster Recovery

Besides mitigating risks of hypothermia and slow blood flow, maintaining body temperature can lead to a faster recovery. When the body maintains the appropriate temperature and good blood flow, the oxygen and nutrients in the blood can reach all areas of the body during the healing process. This contributes to a faster recovery.

Improved Patient Experience

While a quick recovery is a good way to improve patient experience, avoiding the general discomfort of feeling cold also makes patients feel better. Imagine how uncomfortable you would feel if you were cold, frightened, and in pain after surgery. By keeping patients warm during surgery and after, hospitals can create a more comfortable and less stressful environment that puts patients at ease.

Now that you understand the many reasons why it’s important to keep patients warm during surgery and after, how do you accomplish this goal? Blanket warmer machines are one great option. These machines keep warm blankets at the ready so your staff can use them during surgery and whenever else a patient feels cold. Some of these machines also double as fluid warmers, which is great for hospitals on a budget. Contact Future Health Concepts now about investing in a versatile blanket warmer machine.

Staff 10/30/2023