Why Blanket Warmers Provide More Than Comfort

Why Blanket Warmers Provide More Than Comfort

Friday, October 23, 2015

Being a medical professional means wanting to provide the very best possible care for your patients. Keeping them comfortable and as pain-free as possible are important aspects of why blanket warmers are essential in a medical setting, however, blanket warmers provide even more than comfort. By maintaining normothermia throughout a medical procedure and hospital or clinical stay, medical professionals can enhance clinical outcomes, comply with regulatory agencies, and improve patient satisfaction.

Here are some stats about perioperative hypothermia, a relatively common occurrence in unwarmed surgical patients:

1. Up to 20% of patients experience unintended perioperative hypothermia (UPH) defined as a core temperature below 36°C (96.8°F) perioperatively.

2. 1 liter of room temperature fluid decreases body temperature 0.25°C

3. Core temperature can drop 1.5°C within 30 minutes of anesthesia administration.

4. UPH can increase surgical blood loss by 16%.

5. UPH can increase the incidence of morbid cardiac outcomes by threefold.

6. UPH can lead to a 20% increase in allogeneic transfusion.

7. Hypothermic patients can take 40 minutes longer to recover from surgery.

8. These patients also need 20% longer hospitalization.

Studies show that perioperative hypothermia during surgery can lead to complications including; lengthened hospital stays, surgical site infections, morbidity, and mortality. Pre-warming patients before surgery and continuing warming methods during their procedure can help prevent these serious complications.

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Staff 10/23/2015