What is the Difference Between FHC Refurbished and Other Refurbishers

What is the Difference Between FHC Refurbished Equipment and Other Refurbishers?

Thursday, January 5, 2012
There are many words in the English language that have more than one meaning, depending upon who is saying it.  At FHC, “refurbished” has a different meaning to us than some other industry refurbishers or used dealers.  Buyers need to be aware of what those differences are when they are looking to buy refurbished equipment and saving their facility with quality, good as new medical equipment. 

FHC Refurbished 
– if something is refurbished at FHC, it had more than just a new coat of paint and some new decals.  Our refurbished product, such as a surgical table, has been stripped all the way down and gone through piece by piece.  Every nut, every bolt has been taken out of the piece of equipment cleaned up or replaced if necessary.  Once it has been taken completely apart it is then put back together.  The refurbished piece of equipment then goes through quality testing to ensure it works exactly as it did the day the OEM shipped it.  It is then certified in good-as-new condition.  Future Health Concepts guarantees our refurbished products with various warranties, depending upon the capital item.

Other Refurbishers – when a product or piece of equipment is refurbished it is tested and some non-working parts are replaced in order to put it back in working order.  Or the paint is touched up, dents removed and decals replaced… more like a face lift than a complete overhaul.  Medical equipment such as anesthesia machines or electrosurgical units are examples of equipment that get refurbished. Any reputable company will offer a warranty on these items as well, which we do. Typically a one year parts and labor warranty for these items.

Understanding the difference between suppliers refurbishing methods can save the buyer a lot of headache down the road.  An FHC refurbished product has gone through a more vigorous process to ensure it works almost exactly like it did when it was new including detailed testing before being sold.  Other refurbisher's product is checked to make sure it works and sometimes given a slight “face lift” before being sold as “used”, however it has not been taken completely apart.

Future Health Concepts is registhered with the FDA.  We carry new  and refurbished medical equipment such as blanket warmers, operating tables, sterilizers, anesthesia machines and much more.  Contact us today at 888-282-8644, or online and see how FHC can help ensure your hospital or surgical center has the equipment it needs to be able to give your patients the highest level of care.