Top of the Line and Affordable Hospital Stretchers

Top of the Line and Affordable Hospital Stretchers

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The hospital stretcher has come along way over the years. Although the function remains the same, advances have helped create a safer and more efficient stretcher.


Today, we will show you three hospital stretchers available that provide deluxe transportation features without the deluxe price tag.

FHC 7100 Mobilecare Hospital Stretcher


This transporting stretcher provides easy transportation of all patients up to 550 lbs. with its total/directional locking casters and brake steer pedal. The 7100 stretcher comes with I.V. pole sockets at every corner and fold forward side rails with built in push handles for convenient transporting needs. An O2 storage underneath the hospital stretcher allows you to keep oxygen stored while moving. 


FHC 7200-Eye Mobilecare Hospital Stretcher


With the recent addition of a quick adjustment dual articulating head attachment, the FHC-7200-EYE Mobilecare Hospital Stretcher is an innovative stretcher for eye surgery. The low profile allows surgeons to work around with more legroom and a 2 hook removable I.V. pole for convenient access.


This model provides trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg with lift trendelenburg pedals on both sides for the most flexible patient positioning from a stretcher.


FHC 7200 Mobilecare Hospital Stretcher w/5thWheel

One of our newest products is the 5th wheel stretcher line. Equipped with a retractable center fifth wheel, the FHC7200 stretcher provides straight-line mobility along with effortless pivoting. And its omni-directional steering makes it easy to store in small spaces. This state-of-the-art hospital stretcher also features +/-18º trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg and six break and steer pedal locations. The O2 tank holder underneath bed platform provides better ergonomics and no bending over. The FHC7200 MobileCare Stretcher is the most versatile hospital stretcher on the market today. Find out more here.

At Future Health Concepts, we provide the best blend of features and value to our transport stretcher line to give you the quality you deserve.

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