The True Value of Refurbished Medical Equipment

The True Value of Refurbished Medical Equipment

Monday, October 3, 2016

The medical community has continued to evolve since its inception. With new techniques, advanced training and education, they have shown dedication and resiliency. Unfortunately, one of the ways that medical facilities have to adapt now is with budget cuts.

These facilities are solving this problem in many different areas, one of which is purchasing from qualified refurbished medical equipment sellers. According to a survey put out by Surgical Products Magazine, their readers understood the value of working with medical equipment refurbishers and were regularly in touch with them.

Here are some of the findings of that survey: 

  • 82% said used/refurbished equipment can be a good value.

  • 48% said it could be a solid option in dealing with shrinking surgical and capital equipment budgets.

  • 42% said most re-sellers offer quality options at lower prices.

  • 32% said they would only buy certain brands from re-sellers, sticking to those used in the past.

  • 13% felt that when buying used/refurbished it is an opportunity to buy new brands before making large investments.

  • 18% felt uncertainty of manufacturer support with refurbished equipment.

  • 11% simply didn’t trust used equipment.


Future Health Concepts (FHC) is an FDA registered refurbisher and does all of our own medical equipment refurbishing in-house. Having worked in this industry for more than 40 years, we understand what it takes to supply a medical facility with quality products that will help their clinics become more efficient and successful.

We try to eliminate some of the worry that comes with purchasing used equipment by providing a one year parts and labor warranty on all of our refurbished equipment. All new equipment carries a one to five year parts and a one year labor warranty depending on the item.

By choosing FHC for your refurbished medical equipment, you can help your facility gain value without spending your entire budget on equipment. Call us today at 1-888-282-8644. We will work to try to exceed your expectations when it comes to equipment needs to develop a long-term relationship with your facility.

Staff 10/3/2016