Shop Smarter with Refurbished Medical Equipment

Shop Smarter with Refurbished Medical Equipment

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Shrinking budgets are no secret in today’s healthcare sector. Few facilities have the resources available for the latest and most sophisticated equipment, but at the same time, healthcare providers are urged to decrease wait times and improve patient outcomes. This imbalance leaves clinics looking for ways to get the equipment they need without spending their entire budget.

That’s where refurbished medial equipment can help. But it’s important to be certain that you’re getting a quality product to help your staff, not impede them.

Here are some questions to consider when purchasing used medical equipment:

  • What is your budget and what are your needs? Is it worth it to spend more for extra features?

  • How does this purchase better position your clinic for the future?
  • Are you buying from a reputable supplier?

  • Will the supplier assist with the delivery and installation of your purchase? 

  • Is there a warranty on the equipment?

Experience and Reliability

Future Health Concepts is an FDA registered refurbisher and does all of our own medical equipment refurbishing in-house. Having worked in this industry for more than 40 years, we understand what it takes to supply a medical facility with quality products that will help their clinics become more efficient and successful.

Our primary refurbished products include Sterilizers, Washers/Disinfectors, and Operating Room Tables. Other quality refurbished medical products are Anesthesia Machines, Patient Monitors, Defibrillators, ESU, and Rigid & Flexible Video Systems along with many other products.

Delivery and Installation

At FHC, we receive and store your equipment at no charge until your specific delivery date. At that time, we will ship, install, and in-service your staff on all of the new or refurbished medical equipment purchased from us.


FHC has a one year parts and labor warranty on all of our refurbished equipment. All new equipment carries a one to five year parts and a one year labor warranty depending on the item.

By choosing FHC for your refurbished medical equipment, you are making a choice to shop smarter for your facility. To find out more about our product options, including new and used equipment, call us today at 1-888-282-8644. We will work to try to exceed your expectations when it comes to equipment needs to develop a long-term relationship with your facility.

Staff 8/23/2016