Mobile Medical Equipment Hygiene

Mobile Medical Equipment Hygiene

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Whether it is a doctor’s office or a hospital, mobile medical equipment is constantly in use. Medical facilities are generally a fast-paced environment, but does anyone ever stop and think “is this mobile equipment sanitary?” You can assume most would say no. Contaminants are at large in all these facilities and if personnel aren’t practicing hygiene throughout the whole facility, patients could be at risk. From patient monitors to computer keyboards, it’s important to understand the risk of not disinfecting equipment regularly. According to an article written by Nancy Havill “Best practices in disinfection of noncritical surfaces in the health care setting”, staff should consider the following standards about disinfection:

1.       Create policies & procedures for cleaning

2.       Selection of cleaning products including review of current cleaning agents/disinfectants used within your institution

3.       Develop guidelines for when to use various agents & method of application

4.       Educate the environment services personnel

5.       Monitor their cleaning practices to ensure adequacy of cleaning practices (recommended by CDC, SHEA, IDSA, & APIC)

6.       Provide feedback to staff (shown to improve cleaning practices)

7.       No-touch room decontamination (HPV, UV light)

Considering “bacteria on hard surfaces can be transmitted to the hands of healthcare workers, and shared, mobile equipment is touched hundreds, if not thousands, of times a day by staff, we need to consider this important opportunity to improve environmental hygiene.” Another important aspect of cleaning mobile medical equipment is to understand that mobile equipment is used throughout the whole facility. Every individual has the risk of spreading pathogens, bacteria and other organisms to patients potentially causing illnesses to spread easily if the equipment isn’t cleaned on a regularly. At Future Health Concepts, we strive to ensure all of our factory refurbished equipment is sterilized to the fullest because we know disinfection and hygiene are important to you. Check out our product page and see what crisp, medical equipment we can offer you!




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