Managing Medical Equipment Costs with Refurbished Equipment

Managing Medical Equipment Costs with Refurbished Equipment

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

In a time where healthcare facilities are required to spend less, but continue providing excellent care, refurbished medical equipment emerges as a necessity for healthcare providers.

Purchasing refurbished medical equipment has saved medical professionals money for decades. It is no wonder that the industry continues to grow, even today. In fact, according to Transparency Market Research, by 2018 the refurbished medical equipment market is going to be worth an estimated $9 billion if it continues to increase at its current 8.2 percent annual growth rate.

Is Refurbished Equipment Right for Your Facility?

When you buy something with the label “refurbished” from a reliable medical equipment company such as Future Health Concepts (FHC), you can trust that the items are meticulously tested and certified to be safe and reliable.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding if refurbished is right for your facility:

Do you need to upgrade?

Often times, medical professionals feel pressured to have the latest technology available. But should a small tweak to an interface and new product rollout shift your focus away from your patients? A constant learning curve can make it difficult to provide the best care possible.

Are you still learning?

Beyond profession medical facilities with patients to care for, refurbished medical equipment is great for labs, research facilities, universities, nursing schools, simulated training and teach environments.

Are you saving for a bigger purchase?

With budget constraints how they are currently, you often need to make a choice every time you buy new equipment. If you know you’re going to need to plan for a larger purchase in the future, such as a new OR suite, you need to cut costs where you can. Saving money on a professionally refurbished, machine means more budget reserved for updated imaging equipment or a new procedure chair.

Choosing a Trusted Refurbished Medical Equipment Supplier

Future Health Concepts (FHC) has been serving the medical community with new and refurbished medical equipment for 40 years. We are an FDA registered refurbisher and do all of our own medical equipment refurbishing in-house. Our staff has the expertise to work with clients from the planning stage of new facilities or in equipping existing facilities and hospitals.

We've completed turn-key operations for both hospital and ambulatory surgical centers since 1975 and our employees are well-trained and follow all GMP standards to assure our clients receive the best new and refurbished medical equipment you can buy.

Our primary refurbished products are Sterilizers, Washers/Disinfectors, and Operating Room Tables. Other quality refurbished medical products are Anesthesia Machines, Patient Monitors, Defibrillators, ESU, and Rigid & Flexible Video Systems along with many other products. Our clients’ satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We will work to try to exceed your expectations when it comes to equipment needs to develop a long-term relationship with your facility.

View all of our new and refurbished products here.

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Staff 5/2/2017