Is Your Medical Equipment Made in America

Is Your Medical Equipment Made in America?

Monday, March 5, 2012
With all that is going on the world and the news lately it is evident to see that buying American made is now more important than ever. In the ever changing economic climate, consumers, including those buying new medical equipment, are paying attention to where goods are made.

Future Health Concepts, Inc. is proud that at least 95% of the products we sell are made in America. Whether you needs blanket warmers and scrub sinks or stainless steel products and stretchers rest assured that if you buy from us they were made here.

In addition, FHC remanufactures medical equipment at our 25,000 sq ft facility in Florida. We strip down sterilizers, washers, tables you name it and rebuild all products to meet original OME requirements. Here is a short video of our washer rebuilding process so you can see just how thorough our process is. FHC also refurbishes anesthesia machines and electrosurgical units at our Florida facility as well.

Whatever medical equipment you are in the market for, ask questions including where the items are manufactured. We are very proud that almost our entire product line is made in America. Call us at 888-282-8644 or fill out our contact form and we will happily address all your questions and concerns assuring you get the right item for your needs.