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How to Maintain Your Steam Sterilizers / Autoclaves

Thursday, August 13, 2015

In today’s healthcare facilities, steam sterilizers or autoclaves play a very important role. These units are essential to ensure clean and sterile instruments and apparatus for surgeons, dentists and healthcare providers everywhere. This is why it is so imperative that you properly care for and maintain your autoclave - to ensure greater longevity and reliability.


Always Use Distilled Water in Your Autoclave

One of the most important things to do routinely to increase the longevity of your sterilization unit is to always use distilled water in the reservoir. Using tap water can wreak havoc on the internal components of the unit because of the minerals found in the water. If you use tap water in your unit, you will undoubtedly begin to have problems with the sterilizer.


If buying distilled water is too much of a hassle for your facility, consider a distiller that creates distilled water for you. These units can be small tabletop units, or larger, plumbed in units that are wall or under counter mounted.


Regardless of the way you obtain the distilled water, be sure that it is the only type of water that you use, as it will help your autoclave last longer and require less maintenance.


Clean As Recommended

By cleaning your autoclave per the manufacturer’s recommendation you can extend the life of your unit immensely. There are liquid or powder cleaners that are excellent at removing scale and cleaning the plumbing and chamber of your unit.Consult your operators manual, manufacturer or biomedical service technician for the proper cleaner for your make and model.


Save Money, Buy Refurbished

At Future Health Concepts, we refurbish steam sterilizers / autoclaves from Amsco, Steris & Getinge, and Castle. We have various chamber sizes, door styles, and double door units for sterilizers / autoclaves available to suite your needs.


You can also visit our parts page for information on valves, paper, ribbons, etc. for Steris, Amsco & Getinge, and Castle sterilizers. We also carry loading carts for your Steris or Getinge sterilizers.

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Staff 8/13/2015