How to Choose the Right Blanket Warmer for Your Facility

How to Choose the Right Blanket Warmer for Your Facility

Friday, November 20, 2015
Blanket warmers, also referred to as warming cabinets, have been around for many decades but are now starting to be a more central aspect of medical facilities. Blanket warmers’ ability to aid in the comfort of patients, prevent hypothermia, and decrease recovery times are some of the reasons these devices are becoming more and more important. Whether you are operating a full-service hospital or want to provide extra comfort to nursing home residents, it is imperative to pick the right cabinet to fulfill your facility’s needs.
Here are some of the variables to keep in mind when making the decision on which blanket warmer to purchase for your facility:

Volume of Patients

The first thing to consider is the amount of warm blankets you’ll need. Do you have a large or small amount of patients requiring warm fluids or blankets?
Take into consideration the size of your facility and what your current patient trends are. Consider how many units you should purchase based on your volume. Ensure you have the right amount of staff to restock them and to make sure they are functioning properly.

Available Space

Another variable to take into consideration is how big of an area you have to house the warming units. Depending on your available space you can store blanket warmers throughout the facility or store them all in one room. If space is an issue, there are stackable models, allowing you to fit more units. Some deluxe size warmers can maximize your available space even further by having one cavity designated for fluids and another for blankets. This is important to remember with space issues because blankets and fluids must be kept in separate compartments.

Warm-up Time

You may want to consider the time it takes to warm up. In hospitals, particularly emergency rooms, having slow warm-up time can cause serious issues for patients. A liquid bag or blanket that is not heated to the correct temperature in a reasonable amount of time could cause a hypothermia victim to go into cardiac arrest. By observing the situations that your facility regularly faces, you can determine what urgency you’d need.
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Staff 11/20/2015