Don t Suppress Your Stress

Don't Suppress Your Stress!

Friday, April 10, 2015
In light of national stress awareness month, we felt we should share some tips to remind you to unwind. Everyone experiences stress, but not everyone understands how stress can impact their life. Stress can cause a variety of bizarre symptoms you may not even realize. Here just a few common signs of stress:

1. Frequent headaches, jaw clenching or pain
2. Gritting, grinding teeth
3. Stuttering or stammering
4. Tremors, trembling of lips, hands
5. Neck ache, back pain, muscle spasms
6. Light headedness, faintness, dizziness
7. Ringing, buzzing or “popping sounds
8. Frequent blushing, sweating
9. Cold or sweaty hands, feet
10. Dry mouth, problems swallowing
11. Frequent colds, infections, herpes sores
12. Rashes, itching, hives, “goose bumps”
13. Unexplained or frequent “allergy” attacks
14. Heartburn, stomach pain, nausea
15. Excess belching, flatulence
16. Constipation, diarrhea, loss of control
17. Difficulty breathing, frequent sighing
18. Sudden attacks of life threatening panic
19. Chest pain, palpitations, rapid pulse
20. Frequent urination

Although stress can be difficult to maintain, there are tons of stress-relieving activities that can help bring down your stress level. You can combat your stress by learning to recognize when you do and do not have control, taking control of your own reactions, and developing a vision of a healthy lifestyle. You can also maintain a relatively low-stress lifestyle by taking a few minutes out of your day to relax and recharge. Don’t know how to relax? Don’t worry we got a few ideas to help you out!

• Read a book
• Go for a job
• Do yoga
• Meditate
• Aromatherapy
• Take a walk
• Listen to music
• Have a good laugh
• Get a massage
• Write it out
• Deep breathing

Did you know that long-term stress can cause mental health problems like depression and anxiety? Stress can also cause cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and other heart-related issues. Investing in one of our defibrillators may not be a bad idea! Stress can even cause gastrointestinal problems like GERD, ulcerative colitis, and gastritis. You might want to also throw in some endoscopy equipment with that defibrillator!

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