Defibrillators The Shocking Truth

Defibrillators: The Shocking Truth

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

  Defibrillators are an essential piece of equipment for any medical related facility. They’ve even become commonplace at malls, grocery stores, and other various public places. According to The National Conference of State Legislatures, “Each year, more than 250,000 Americans die from sudden cardiac arrest.” However, with the development of Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) demonstrating the correct steps with audio or visual cues, there is a more efficient way to save lives without trained recruits. The American Heart Association noted that “at least 20,000 lives could be saved annually by prompt use of AEDs.”

The FDA released a statement claiming that there have been “45,000 reports of the devices failing or malfunctioning since 2005, agency officials said. The vast majority of them were due to manufacturing problems, officials said, but some were because of improper maintenance, like battery failure.” This statement illustrates the reason why defibrillator standards are becoming stricter every year. Manufacturers and consumers alike must be sure to meet such standards to prevent any possibility of error when a defibrillator may be needed. 

Due to advanced technology being readily available that allows laymen to perform CPR using AED defibrillators, it has become more convenient to have them close by. Since the spread of defibrillators is steadily increasing, the FDA is working on implementing much more stringent regulations to prevent someone encountering an error when using at locations where there aren’t multiple AED’s available. Be sure to check out your state law requirements at this link. If you’re in need of a defibrillator, FHC has them in stock, available, and ready to ship. FHC offers both new and refurbished defibrillators. Be sure to visit our website, where our new and refurbished Zoll Defibrillators are offered at economical pricing and with top-notch quality.



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