Celebrate Patient Safety Awareness Week with Warmth

Celebrate Patient Safety Awareness Week with Warmth

Monday, March 14, 2016

Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 13 – 19 this year. This week gives healthcare facilities a great opportunity to renew focus on their patient safety efforts and work to improve their practice through a variety of improved resources.

One aspect of patient safety and comfort that is often over-looked is the use of blanket warmers. Blanket warmers provide better patient care on many levels. They provide a safer and easier method to reduce the physical and psychological stresses of surgery.

Mayo Clinic staff reports that general anesthesia can cause shivering and potential body temperature levels to drop, making a warm blanket essential to patients for any type of procedure requiring anesthesia to prevent hypothermia. A warm blanket can remain on a patient throughout their surgery, maintaining a warmer body temperature and preventing hypothermia.

Body temperatures that are not maintained can lead to post-surgical complications such as perioperative hypothermia, prolonged hospitalization and recovery, and an increase in the risk for infection.

Safety and Care

It is because of these risks that we are bringing up the benefits of blanket warmers during Patient Safety Awareness Week. Even beyond the physical benefits to your patients, warm blankets also provide a feeling of comfort, security and care.

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Staff 3/14/2016