Blanket Warmers for Reducing Surgical Site Infections SSI

Blanket Warmers for Reducing Surgical Site Infections (SSI)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Surgical Site Infections (SSI) can be very scary for both patient and caregiver. Theycan start with a fever, redness and pain around the affected area, and/or cloudy fluid discharge but can escalate or could even cause death.


An estimated 2-5 percent of inpatient surgeries develop an SSI in the United States. These infections can add an additional 7-10 days post-op in the hospital and cost an extra $11,000 - $35,000.


While these stats can be scary, there are ways to help prevent these SSIs from happening. Vancouver General Hospital has had great success in reducing post-operative infections by implementing the acronym “CLEAN”.


C: Clean hands before touching the dressing, chlorhexidine wipes applied to the body before surgery, clippers used for hair removal instead of shaving, and nasal decolonization (disinfecting the nostrils with ultraviolet light) performed


L: Leave the dressing on for 72 hours postoperatively, and leave the pink chlorhexidine disinfectant on the skin for 6 hours after the operation


E: Engage patients and staff on best practices for SSI prevention


A: Appropriately use antibiotics


N: Normothermia (normal body temperature), normal blood glucose (sugar), nutritious meals, and no smoking for patients


Since implementing “CLEAN”, the hospital managed to reduce SSIs by 77 percent during open-heart surgeries, according to the American College of Surgeons.


Maintaining normothermia and patient warming has many benefits, including reducing infection rates and hypothermia. However, there are some warming methods that are thought to be safer than others. Blanket warmers and fluid warmers are believe to decrease the risk of infection while maintaining the warmth of the patient when compared to forced air warming systems, which blow air over the patient and could disturb and spread microbes from the floors and surrounding areas outside of the sterile field. 


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Staff 12/16/2015