8 Surgical Table Accessories for Your Operating Room

8 Surgical Table Accessories for Your Operating Room

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Is your facility looking to expand its operating room capabilities? Depending on what types of operations may be performed in your operating room, there are several surgical table accessories that could be beneficial to include in your OR.

Here’s our list of some of the most beneficial surgical table accessories for your OR: 

1. Arm Boards – Arm boards may be one of the most important positioning devices for your procedures. Simple in design and function, arm boards provide vital positioning support.

2. Clamps –
Clamps are very basic but necessary accessories. That’s because many other accessories, such as stirrups, arm boards, anesthesia screen, etc., attach to your table with clamps. There are two basic types that you may need, depending on what you are attaching – flat-blade and round-post.

3. Restraint Straps –
Avoiding accidents in the OR is extremely important. Patient safety is priority number one and by securing them with restraint straps, you’re able to safely operate without risk of them falling or getting injured.

4. Anesthesia screens -
With outpatient surgery becoming more popular, patients are more likely to go under conscious sedation. Anesthesia screens separate the patient’s view from the surgical site, which could protect them from any unpleasantness. These screens also help with infection control.

5. Head supports -
Different procedures require differing head positions. You should have a range of head supports on hand to cover the procedures your facility performs. These may include attachable headrests, gel pads and/ or cushions.

6. Arm and hand surgery tables –
If your facility does a lot of upper-extremity procedures, arm and hand surgery tables are a must. They should be lightweight and radiolucent-friendly for imaging.

7. Stirrups or other leg positioners -
Comfortable, secure stirrups or other leg supports are an essential ally in a number of surgical procedures.

8. Knee holders -
If your facility does arthroscopic procedures, it’s likely that 70% of those are done on the knee. Some factors for knee holders that surgeons look for includes how they manipulate, how stable they are during a procedure, if they’re lightweight, if they conform to the patients’ leg, if they are able to be set up quickly, and if they minimize or eliminate pinch points.

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