3 Ways Medical Blanket Warmers Can Benefit Patient s Health

3 Ways Medical Blanket Warmers Can Benefit Patient’s Health

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Patient comfort was not at the forefront of medical care centuries ago. Anesthesia, hand washing, and sterilization are relatively new methods. Thanks to the wonders of modern medical science and technology, patient comfort is now a priority, and we understand how it contributes to treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery. Comfortable bedding and hospital gowns, in-room televisions, and other small comforts are staples of quality medical facilities. While medical blanket warmers are seemingly simple machines, they can benefit a patient’s health and recovery in surprising ways.

Patient Mental Health

Many patients, young and old, are afraid of what goes on in a medical facility. It could be fear of the unknown, anxiety around diagnoses and treatment, or trauma from past experiences. Whatever the reason, patients can experience moderate to severe anxiety. Pair that with how cold it often is in offices and waiting rooms, and you have a recipe for shivering, tense, anxious, and even scared patients.

Tense and anxious patients are harder to communicate with, making diagnosis and treatment more difficult. Plus, these feelings tend to intensify pain and increase the chance of cardiac emergencies. Warm blankets can relax a patient mentally and physically, making diagnoses and treatments easier.

Reduces Instances of Cardiac Events and Intraoperative Bleeding

Intense anxiety and hypothermia can increase the chances of cardiac events. The body responds to hypothermia by constricting blood vessels, which can quickly lead to heart failure if left untreated. By maintaining normothermia in your patients, you reduce the chance of a cardiac emergency.

When the body’s core temperature decrease, platelet function and circulation also decrease. Using blanket warmers during surgery can reduce intra-operative bleeding, the need for transfusions, and the risk of hemorrhaging.

Pre and Post-Op Warming

Warming blankets are useful in more situations than surgery. They’re also extremely helpful in surgery prep and post-surgery healing. Post-op warming reduces shivering, which goes beyond keeping a patient comfortable. Shivering raises metabolic rates and increases cardiac demand. Perioperative patient warming can promote wound healing and reduce the chance of infection, allowing patients to go home soon after surgery and heal quickly.

At Future Health Concepts, we understand how vital medical blanket warmers are and how they benefit a patient’s health. We have an array of blanket warmer cabinets so you can select equipment within your budget that improves patient satisfaction.

Staff 7/26/2023