3 Types of Blanket and Fluid Warmers

3 Types of Blanket and Fluid Warmers

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

When choosing a new blanket warmer or fluid warmer there are a lot of features to consider. Conveniences such as a touch screen, remote monitoring, text notifications and more can be helpful for a busy staff, while some facilities might not require all the bells and whistles. In this article we’ll spotlight five blanket and fluid warmers available from Future Health Concepts (FHC).

1. FHCSWC24-TS Smart Blanket / Fluid Warmer with LCD Touchscreen (9-14 Blankets)

First on our list is a blanket warmer that techies will love. The FHC Smart Warmer is the industry’s first touch screen warmer. It allows users to view temperature trending in chart format and receive recorded data in CSV format. It also has a smart phone app and has Wi-Fi ready capabilities.

The LCD warmer ensures users complete control of their warmer through the computer and/or on a smart phone from various locations, making it easy to continue care while blankets warm. The alarm notification feature gives alerts on the temperature via email and text messaging to keep personnel updated.

Read more about it’s features and dimensions here.

2. FHCSWC36-G Blanket / Fluid Warmer (24-30 Blankets)

Next up is a larger model with over 8 cubic feet of storage, making it the choice counter-top blanket warmer for any facility. This FDA registered blanket warmer is designed to be UL/CUL approved and OSHPD pre-approved to meet the highest regulations of today.

Find more information here.

3. FHCDWC-TS-36G Dual Smart Blanket / Fluid Warmer with LCD Touchscreen (24-30 Blankets Lower Chamber)

This next warmer includes many of the functionalities of our previous blanket warmers, but is a dual blanket warmer and fluid warmer. Although you could use both storage compartments for either, this dual system allows for control of temperature separately. This model is great for larger facilities.

Read more about it’s capabilities here.

These are only a very small selection of the new fluid and blanket warmers we have available at FHC. FHC offers a full line of high quality, customizable single, double, or triple blanket warmers or warming cabinets with a variety of features and options you can’t beat! Our warming cabinets undergo stringent testing procedures during the manufacturing process to assure a long life, the highest quality and accurate temperature settings.

Future Health Concepts understands how vital this equipment is for your hospital or surgery center and guarantees our product with a one-year labor and five-year parts warranty.

Check them out on our webpage, or give us a call at 888-282-8644 and see if we meet your specifications.

Staff 2/17/2016