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Disposable Video Laryngoscope (Single-Use)

Product Number: SHVLR3D

KingVision Video Laryngoscope & FHC Comparison


  • 2.0 mega-pixel camera, full-view high resolution 3.5" LED monitor
  • FDA approved
  • Ergonomic durable design, easy to operate
  • Take pictures by simply using button on handle for training or presenting
  • Upload pictures and video by USB port
  • 316 medical stainless steel material
  • Better product features in comparison to KingVision video laryngoscope
  • Blades can be disposed and replenished after each use ensuring complete sanitation between patients 
  • Reusable monitor lasts up to three years on average
  • Anti-fog capacity, no need to preheat, saving time in emergency intubation operation
  • Ultra large rechargeable battery capacity with up to 200 minutes of continuous use
  • Two year warranty