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Phillips Burton CoolSpot II

Offering extremely white and pure light, the CoolSpot II examination light ensures high-intensity and long-lasting bulb life of 600 hours average on standard setting. The guaranteed no-drift arm and removable, autoclavable center Sterihandle design provide easy maneuvering and simple removal to secure sterilization of the exam light for any necessary procedure. 
Illuminance: 5574 FC (60,000 Lux) at 1 meter

Color Temperature: 4300ºK

Light Spot Diameter: 2" - 10" (5 cm - 25 cm)

Focusing: Adjustable by rotating center handle

CRI (Color Rendering Index): 94

Sterilizable Handle: Removable, autoclavable center allows one hand removing/replacing with no-drift arm

Number of Bulbs: 1

Light Sources (Halogen): 150 W of pure, white light

Rated Life of Halogen Lamp: 600 hours

Friction Knob: Adjust friction on self-balancing arm positioning to desired tension without tools

Electrical System Standards: UL 60601/ IEC60601-1-2, EN/IEC 60601-2-41 & CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 601.1 M90 certified

Product Warranty: 5 year limited warranty